Scali Group, LLC is driven by conducting industry specific acquisition searches for a named private equity buyer utilizing a systematic and persistent approach. Our process begins with discovering your specific criteria. Filters such as industry, geography, revenue and EBITDA, employee size, product mix, customer concentration, etc. are used to determine exactly what you’re searching for. We then compile a list of prospects and review it with you before we launch our direct mailing/e-mail/phone call marketing campaign. The campaign’s goal being to discover and qualify the seller’s interest level.

Intriguing interest to the seller is half the battle, this is done by informing them of your distinct advantages as a strategic partner, promoting your integrity and ability to close a transaction, and take the first step to create the introduction. These searches have been found to substantially increase deal flow resulting in more opportunities and a greater chance for our buyers to close a deal with a company that suits their criteria.

Our compensation is flexible and in-line with industry standards.